Moisture Protection

Expansion Joint Systems:  The high-density, open-cell polyurethane foam with water-based, polymer-modified asphalt partially fills the open-cells then compresses to level the material.

Sealant: Sealing is both the processes and material to seal joints or seams in various structures and some types of piping. At the firm’s inception, Forsythe directed most of its focus on sealing  building joints and was committed to using the industry’s leading manufacturer’s elastomeric sealants. Today, Forsythe caulks over 1 million lineal feet of sealant each year.

Waterproofing:  a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents and structural integrity. We are certified applicators of many of the most comprehensive waterproofing systems and solutions.

Air Barrier: Vapor Permeable Air Barrier System is the primary air enclosure boundary that separates indoor and outdoor air.

Damp Proofing: Damp Proofing is a method of protecting a foundation using a membrane to stop water vapor from passing through a foundation wall. It can be used on poured concrete or masonry block construction forming a smooth continuous barrier.

Fire Stopping: Fire Stopping is the process of fire resistant material to seal openings, joints, fire resistance rated wall or floor assemblies. Forsythe works closely to meet the unique fire protection needs of our clients. We provide the top commercial fire protection material and service as our employees and specialists are trained on every phase of the project.

Deck Coating: Deck Coating is the process of applying a liquid membrane system over concrete parking garage floors,  plywood or concrete decking surfaces for commercial pools, balconies, roof decks, patio decks, stairways and walkways.

Water Repellent:  Water Repellent is the process of applying a surface sealer to concrete to force water to bead off the surface, keeping the concrete dry underneath.